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Google Partners With 91springboard To Make Female Entrepreneurs Powerful

Tech behemoth Google this week joined hands with 91springboard to empower and mentor entrepreneurs, particularly females, with different skills. The affiliation is targeted at promoting India’s next-gen of innovative women entrepreneurs and authorizing them to develop for the future, claimed Google to the media in an interview.

“The joint venture will conduct 1 training program each month, spearheaded by 91springboard in different cities. These programs are directly aimed on upskilling and educating women entrepreneurs over a course of 2 Years, with 24 engagements projected all over the nation,” it claimed.

The training will aim on running design sprints, honing leadership skills, and fostering tech-targeted discussions. It will comprise one-on-one mentorship for women entrepreneurs, claimed the firm.

Apart from this, the US-located tech titan is also arranging for a “Google for Entrepreneurs Lounge” in the city at 91springboard’s hub. The Google Lounge is collaborate space for developers, society members, and creatives, claimed the firm. 91springboard, which has a more than 8,000 entrepreneurs worth community, will also collaborate with Google for Entrepreneurs’ collaborator network.

On a related note, Google Home devices are getting more and more advanced at keeping you updated with latest news.

Beginning this week, Google is bringing Google News to its smart sparkers to assist you with this. You can now ask your Lenovo Smart Display or your Google Home about a particular news event. Google Assistant devices such as the Home will read via extracts from articles of relevant news. Smart devices with a display such as the upcoming JBL Link View and the Lenovo Smart Display will find relevant news clips on YouTube to fill you in on precisely what you wish to know.

In May 2018, Google launched the refurbished Google News. The service employs machine learning and artificial intelligence to find relevant news on the basis of your searches & interests and then modify your news feed.

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