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Malicious Fax Message to Firms Puts Cyber Security in Danger

The security researchers have come up with a new observation that depicts that a customized picture, sent through fax, may give a ticket to the hackers to enter the corporate networks. Most of the fax machines are also copiers and printers that give the incoming images a clear entry to the network of the office.

In the conference of Def Con hacker, two of the researchers even exhibited the procedure of crafting the images which also act as the booby-trap. These specially designed images have the capacity to exploit the protocols that are implemented to define the fax messaging format. They also stated that the numerous companies are vulnerable to the malicious attacks as they never put the deserved endeavor to secure the fax lines. Due to this, the hackers don’t face a hindrance while entering into the circle of the corporate networks for executing the malicious activities.

Yaniv Balmas, one of the security researchers attending the conference from Check Point software, stated that the companies never bother to observe the set of fax-related activities in order to take a firm control over the fax lines, which has led to the present scenario.

In fact, the researchers discovered the security loopholes present in the fax protocols. However, he and his acquaintance were surprised to learn the extent to which fax is still used in the companies. These organizations include banks, government firms, and other organizations. They have concluded that the presence of the conventional technology in the modern era is due to a few legal and historical reasons. Another reason that primarily contributes to the usage of fax in the governmental organization is the legal evidence. The court never accepts the email messages as a part of the evidence whereas accepts the information obtained through fax as legal.

NHS in England uses 9,000 fax machines actively.

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