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Our Staff

Benjamin Jones (Sr. Editor And Writer)

BenjaminHaving a keen interest and thorough knowledge regarding the recent and upcoming technologies all around us makes Benjamin an apt describer of these technologies in a well-versed manner. At our organization, Benjamin deals with all the latest inventions, launches, and updates in the field of technology. In his free time, he likes to go traveling to new places, trekking, and attend technology conferences, workshops, and exhibitions.


Sandra Petty (Sr. Content Writer)

sandraSandra, with an experience of 4 years, is a versatile and elite Senior Content Writer in our organization for the Health domain. Prior to landing her foot firm into this world of writing, Sandra was employed as an STM editor for a few prominent publications and authors. she writes about the latest invention and innovation relating to the Health sector. Apart from writing, she likes to spend time with family and friends.


David Knowlton (Author And Contributor)

davidDavid is very well acquainted with the terms and concepts of business & finance and has the skill to put forth them in a simple and straight understandable language to the audiences. Having an interest in ongoing political affairs, he also presents his viewpoints relating to it. In his free time, David attends conferences of the well-known political entities. He also likes learning new languages and travel around the world.


Linda Cummings (Contributor)

lindaLinda is one of the most experienced and versatile writers in our organization and is dedicated to writing on topics all related to the field of Science. With an experience of over 9 years working with elite authors and publishers, Linda has a cultured sense of what would make a big story. She puts forth all the latest invention and discoveries in a mesmerizing format. Apart from this, she likes to make some art structures from leftover materials and listen to music.


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